Baseball - 13 - 15

For player ages 13-15. This division under Babe Ruth is played on a full size baseball field and is truly competitive baseball.

Baseball - 16 -18

For ages 16-18. This division is made up mostly of High School players or those aspiring to play High School baseball and beyond.

Cal Ripken Major/70

Majors division is for ages 10-12. It is the most competitive division under the Cal Ripken division of Babe Ruth.

Cal Ripken Minor

Minors covers players ages 8-10. This is the first division where players are the pitchers. It is the beginning of teaching players how to win AND how to lose.

Cal Ripken Rookie

Rookie is targeting ages 6-8 year old players that are ready for coach pitch. This division is NOT a division where we keep score. It's goal is to introduce a moving baseball in a controlled fashion so they overcome any fear they might have.

Cal Ripken T-Ball

For ages 4-7. Targeted at first time players or young players not yet ready for coach pitch baseball.